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Teak is timeless, a classic wood furniture traditionally used outdoors. If you’ve been in the tropics at a beach or even at a local stylish café, you’ve probably sat or dined on teak. These days teak furniture is finding its way indoors as well, proving that it is not only durable but multifunctional. At Mostly Danish, we’ve sourced the furniture world to bring you elegant, timeless teak pieces. Each teak piece is hand-picked and assessed at our Ottawa furniture showroom and warehouse, where it receives the necessary treatment before being offered to our valued clientele. View our inventory below or stop by our Ottawa location where we’ll be happy to show you fine teak pieces such as chairs, tables, loungers, dining sets and more.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Teak, or Tectona grantis, is a tropical hardwood tree native to south and southeast Asia, specifically India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Its popularity has led to it being naturalist and cultivated throughout Africa and the Caribbean as well. Teak trees are known for their extremely high quality of wood, which is attractive, durable, and easy to work with. Teak has been used to build a wide variety of things such as docks, boats, furniture, decks, and more. At Mostly Danish we have a wide selection of high-quality teak furniture - browse our selection!

Teak is a highly sought after wood for a number of reasons. Many of these reasons are due to teak’s high level of natural oil which helps protect it. Teak is weatherproof meaning it can be left outside without suffering damage like other woods. It is also water resistant, so rain and snow does not damage it. Teak’s natural oils are also termite and insect resistant so you don’t have to worry about pests eating and damaging your beautiful furniture. On top of being repelling insects, it is also resistant to insects and fungi so you don’t have to worry about molds and mildew taking over. On top of all that, teak is rot and warp resistant. It's no wonder why teak is in such high demand, it has characteristics no other woods match.

There are three things to look for when trying to identify real teak wood. The first is to smell it. Teak’s natural oils have a smell which is similar to leather. So if you are not sure about whether or not a piece of wood is teak or not, give it a whiff. Secondly, teak is a relatively dense and heavy wood. It should not feel light in your hand. If it does, you likely do not have teak. Third, teak’s grains are typically quite straight. That being said, they can be a little wavy depending on the sawing pattern. One sure-fire way to ensure you are buying authentic teak is to buy from Mostly Danish. Our furniture experts know exactly how to spot teak and our collection features a large number of high-quality authentic teak pieces.

Teak is a relatively easy wood to care for, however from time to time you might want to clean it. To get best results while cleaning your teak furniture piece, use a combination of mild soap diluted in water. You only need a very small amount of soap relative to the water, and the table should clean easily.

While you certainly can stain teak furniture, we don’t recommend that you do. Teak’s natural colour is part of its appeal. Even outdoor furniture when exposed to the sun leaves a beautiful silver-grey colour which looks great. If you really want to stain your teak furniture, know that the original finish will not be able to be restored.

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