Mid-Century Modern Seating

A mid century modern chair, or chairs is the perfect addition to any stylish homes. All the pieces in our collection of mid century danish and Scandinavian furniture are attractive, durable, and unique - giving you the stylish look you’ve always wanted. All of our mid century chairs have a unique story, meaning you’re getting more than just a chair but a piece of art and history. Take a look below at our carefully curated selection of Danish & Scandinavian mid-century modern furniture, consisting exclusively of quality authentic pieces. We offer a wide selection of mid century modern dining chairs, armchairs, accent chairs, and more to give your home or office a stylish touch that will make it stand out. Come visit our Ottawa location or buy online - we ship across all North America.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Mid century modern furniture is some of the finest and most beautiful furniture available. mid century modern furniture is becoming increasingly popular and as a consequence there are a number of lower quality or even imitation pieces being sold as though they are high-quality authentic designer mid century modern pieces.

Quality mid century modern furniture is made from high quality woods, including teak, mahogany, rosewood, oak, and walnut. If a piece is marked “Made in Denmark” it is a safe bet that the piece is authentic and high-quality. Our experts know exactly how to spot authentic mid century modern pieces, so when you buy from Mostly Danish you know you are getting an authentic, high-quality piece. We are North America’s largest dealer for mid century modern furniture.

Mid century modern furniture is defined by beautiful, clean free-flowing lines. The uncluttered, sleek lines from furniture from this period best define it along with the minimal ornamentation. Functionality is the focus, with every element of a chair or a seat serving a purpose that is more than just ornamental. mid century modern furniture seamlessly blends design and function, which is part of the reason they continue to be so popular today.

Wood is heavily featured in mid century modern seating, however designers also experimented with and incorporated a number of other materials. On top of the design and materials, mid century modern furniture is further characterized by superb craftsmanship, which is a big reason why many pieces look just as good today as they did 80+ years ago. If you would like to

On top of selling high-quality mid century modern seats, Mostly Danish’s expert craftsmen can also repair, refinish, and restore your furniture for you. If you have a beloved seat which you would like to repair, contact us today. We will get your seat looking as good as - or better than - new.

Mid century modern is a bit of a challenge to define. It describes an architectural and design movement which spanned from around to 1933 to 1965, however some people would argue that the period is limited to 1947 to 1957. mid century modern is itself a part of the larger modernism movement, which was an era of new forms of art and design. The most reputable mid century modern furniture is from Scandinavia, Denmark in particular.

Part of what makes mid century modern furniture so sought after is the quality of the design and construction. At Mostly Danish, we make sure to stock only the finest mid century modern pieces made by the most reputed designers. These include:

  • Arne Jacobson
  • Hans J. Wegner
  • Kai Kristiansen
  • Niels Møller
  • Grete Jalk
  • Børge Mogensen

Check out Mostly Danish’s impressive selection of authentic mid century modern furniture today.

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