Furniture Repair in Ottawa.

Need your furniture repaired or refinished?

Once you have submitted this form, please send photos that clearly highlight the parts of your furniture that require repair to or alternatively, feel free to call us at 613-761-6264. Our experts will reply within 24 hours.

Benefits of Getting Your Furniture Repaired

  • You Will Save Money: If you’re looking to invest in quality new furniture, you might experience a bit of sticker shock. The cost of restoring and repairing furniture that is in good condition is much less than looking to replace it.
  • You Can Preserve Quality Furniture: It’s not just your imagination, they don’t really make furniture anymore like they used to. So, if your furniture is in good condition and can be repaired, you can continue to enjoy the timeless quality that will be hard to find with newer furniture.
  • Your Furniture Will be Unique: When you go to most furniture stores nowadays, everything is starting to look the same… If you repair or refinish your older furniture, it will be very unlikely that someone will have the same style, finish, or type of piece that you own.
  • You’ll Be Doing Your Part: There are countless pieces of old furniture that end up in landfills every year. You can reduce your carbon footprint by repairing and repurposing your furniture instead of buying something new.

Quality Furniture Repair & Restoration in Ottawa

Although we sell new and unique furniture pieces, our passion is restoring and repairing furniture to look and feel like new. Our furniture repair services help restore pieces that we sell, but also help restore life to your favorite antiques and sentimental furniture pieces as well. From our workshop in Ottawa, we are able to repair all types of furniture and restore it to its original beauty.

  • Structural Repairs
  • Upholstery Repairs
  • Fire & Water Damage Repairs
  • Repairing Everyday Wear & Tear
  • Antique Furniture Repair
  • And more!

As furniture builders, our team is equipped with all the skills and tools required to repair your furniture. We have restoring thousands of pieces of furniture and look forward to providing you with a solution for your damaged furniture. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can. We are able to repair, refinish, and restore all your furniture in our workshop in Ottawa. However, if you prefer to have your furniture repaired out of the comfort of your own home, we can do that too! In some cases, it’s a better alternative if the extent of the damage is too severe and relocating it might be a difficult order.

The cost of furniture repair services may vary depending on the type of materials used, the type of furniture, and the extent of the damage. Some furniture repair services provide a flat rate for a job while others work hourly. Make sure to ask for a detailed estimate when considering getting your furniture professionally repair. Contact us for a free quote for your furniture repair needs!

It varies with every job. Some of the main factors that might influence the duration that it takes to fully repair or restore your furniture include:

  • On-Site or At-Home Repairs
  • Extent of Damage
  • The Complexity of the Furniture Design
  • Type of Materials Required

When searching around for furniture repair services, make sure to ask for detailed quotes and timeline estimates.

Whatever is needed to bring your furniture back to life. The team at Mostly Danish has skilled carpenters and craftsmen that are equipped with the tools and experience to offer high-quality furniture restoration, reupholstery, and repairs. Whether you need leather work, reattaching buttons, re-springing and more, Mostly Danish can do it all. Contact us to learn more about our furniture repair services!

The expert craftsmen at Mostly Danish have just about seen it all when it comes to damaged furniture that needs repairing. The most common furniture repairs requests that we get include: reupholstery, leather restoration, colour matching, and fixing structural damages.

We are able to match existing finishes to as close as it can get. Our expert craftsmen have the experience, materials, and artistic eye to match any type of finish on your existing furniture. We are confident that we can bring your furniture back to life and meet as well as exceed your expectations with our furniture repair services.

“I was going to throw out my old couch, but thanks to Mostly Danish , it feels brand new again! They were very friendly and professional.”
Jane Bennett - Ottawa

Value Restoration

In bringing a piece to its truest, most beautiful possible expression, antique furniture restoration serves as an investment; the craftsman’s hand not only preserves, but enhances value. The piece gets carefully ferried through time in the highest possible fidelity; its condition increasingly betrays its age. In a sense, the material is rendered as timeless as the design, aesthetically enduring into greater and greater rarity and privilege to witness.

We nurture antique furniture to its fullest potential, maximizing worth as heirloom treasure, market item, or simple appreciation in everyday life.

Don’t be discouraged by a rip in an antique couch or chair cushion, a scratch on a table, or a faded finish on a cabinet; we can be trusted to maximally restore both appearance and functionality.