Niels Møller

Vintage Danish Chairs in Elegant Simplicity

One of the Mid-Century Modern masters from Denmark that we’re proud to feature, Niels Møller designs are sought after to this day due to their simplicity and elegance. Møller chairs are known for their organic forms with gentle curvature, in keeping with the clean lines that define the famous Scandinavian school, most often in teak and rosewood.

Mid-Century Modern Master, Timeless Form & Design

Many of Møller’s chairs were simply named with numbers, most notably the No.71, No. 82… and of course the No.78 and No.62. These timeless designs are subtle, subdued, yet elegant and complementary to rooms, homes and other spaces that feature Mid-Century Modern pieces or similar themes. You, too, can own a Niels Møller piece, thanks to the curation of Mostly Danish.

Famous Niels Møller Designs

We at Mostly Danish are pleased to bring you a selection of timeless Niels Møller designs, especially chairs but also tables and sideboards. Browse our inventory, and if you don’t see a Niels Møller that catches your eye, by all means please let us know what you have in mind and we’ll search the globe to find it for you. Mid-Century Modern designs are our passion, and Niels Møller pieces are a big component of that.




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Niels Møller designed chairs and beyond, timeless in their simple yet elegant form, available now at Mostly Danish. Browse our online inventory or visit our store.

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