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Services We Offer

Furniture Refinishing

The vibrancy of new furniture fades over time, leaving a dulled, tired finish. The pace of this degradation is slow, so we can lose sight of just how much benefit a refreshing can bring. Bumps, scrapes, and degradation from light build up over time, and after several years your favourite antique furniture might have lost some of its former glow. Mostly Danish can help, we will expertly refinish your treasured antique pieces, bringing back the stunning original look of your furniture.

Furniture refinishing is a delicate process which requires an expert craftsman to achieve the best results. At Mostly Danish, we perform furniture restorations in Ottawa we start by carefully removing the old, weathered finish. We then apply a new finish, ensuring it perfectly matches the type of wood, colour, and style of your piece. Our antique furniture refinishing service not only beautifies your antique and mid century modern furniture, it also preserves it for years to come and increases its value. If your antique furniture has seen better days but you don’t want to get rid of it, contact Mostly Danish today. We will refinish your treasured pieces and make them look as good, or better than, new.

Furniture Repair

Even though you might try your best to preserve it, precious furniture can be damaged. Furniture damage can occur during transportation, in accidents, disasters or improper handling. Recently, heavy rains in early spring has brought flooding to the Ottawa region, resulting in significant water damage to homes and belongings including antique furniture.

Fortunately, items damaged in disasters like these are recoverable, and well within the scope of our capabilities to repair. Trust the expert craftsmen at Mostly Danish to repair your beloved furniture you might have written off. If you have a piece of damaged furniture that you love, get it repaired by the professionals at Mostly Danish.

Furniture Reupholstery

After years of use, furniture fabrics can fray and tear. And while fabric issues are most visible, beneath the surface, supports, springs and foams can wear away. This can cause cushions to lose their shape, padding, and comfortable bounce. Antique furniture reupholstery requires a great amount of experience, knowledge and expertise in order to ensure the best results and to prevent damage to your previous piece.

We are adept at working with a complete variety of upholstery materials to bring the look and the comfort back. Reupholstering can provide your antique furniture with a fresh, updated look that will look great in your home. Whether it’s for a couch, chair, ottoman, love seat, or sectional, we can reupholster and rejuvenate your pieces. If you have any beloved items you would like reupholstered, Contact Mostly Danish Today, we can help.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our furniture restoration services include anything that needs to be done to get the piece looking good as new. This could be as simple as a basic strip and refinishing job, repairing or replacing wood components, respringing couches, or reupholstering fabric or leather materials. No matter what needs to be done, we’ll do it to make sure your furniture looks its best.

We prefer to completely strip the finish from the furniture and then follow up with sanding when doing furniture restorations. This allows us to fully remove the finish and work with the natural wood to get best fit on any repairs we need to do, and then give the furniture the cleanest possible finish so it looks good as new.

Yes, it is! If you are looking to restore an antique piece with fabric or leather components, then reupholstery is the only solution. Even with contemporary furniture, reupholstery can be more cost effective than replacing the piece. Reupholstering furniture is also better for the environment because it keeps furniture that could still find use out of landfills.

We can definitely restore any piece of furniture that has pet damage. Scratch and bite marks may look like they aren’t fixable, but once we replace the damaged part, making sure it matches the rest of the piece, and putting a new finish on it, the furniture piece will be good as new!

“I was going to throw out my old couch, but thanks to Mostly Danish , it feels brand new again! They were very friendly and professional.”
Jane Bennett - Ottawa

Value Restoration

In bringing a piece to its truest, most beautiful possible expression, antique furniture restoration serves as an investment; the craftsman’s hand not only preserves, but enhances value. The piece gets carefully ferried through time in the highest possible fidelity; its condition increasingly betrays its age. In a sense, the material is rendered as timeless as the design, aesthetically enduring into greater and greater rarity and privilege to witness.

We nurture antique furniture to its fullest potential, maximizing worth as heirloom treasure, market item, or simple appreciation in everyday life.

Don’t be discouraged by a rip in an antique couch or chair cushion, a scratch on a table, or a faded finish on a cabinet; we can be trusted to maximally restore both appearance and functionality.