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Why Choose Mostly Danish?

At Mostly Danish, almost every piece of furniture is unique and has a story. We handpick our designs primarily from Scandinavia from sources that are recognized around the world for their simplicity, elegance and airy forms. Our selections are mid-century modern: an architectural, interior and product design form, that generally describes mid- 20th-century developments in modern design, architecture, and urban development. These original design samples were created by the greatest architects/designers walked on the face of the earth in the last 100 years like Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl, Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Niels Møller, Grete Jalk etc.... While we source these pieces primarily in continental Europe we refinish/refurbish reupholster them in house locally, services which we provide to the public at large as well. We are the largest North American dealers of Mid Century Modern , Antique Chinese and genuine Solid Teak patio furniture, at both our 3500 Sq Ft location on 1000 Wellington st W, and the 27,000 Sq Ft showroom/warehouse, at 2437 Kaladar Av. Finally, while our furniture designs are unmatched for their artistic design, investment value, comfort and quality, on the cost spectrum, many of our designs are hugely affordable.

Convenient Shipping Soutions Across North America

Mostly Danish not only serves the Ottawa region with its two store locations, they also ship across North America. Mostly Danish currently has convenient shipping to Toronto and Montreal, as well as from New York to California. If you're interested in the handcrafted mid-century modern furniture from Mostly Danish, but happen to live outside of Ottawa we will happily arrange shipping for the products of your choosing. Contact our helpful staff today to make the convenient shipping arragements for your Scandianvian furniture.

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About Mostly Danish Furniture

Founded by Zvi Gross, Mostly Danish is the preeminent antique Danish furniture store in North America. Canadian-owned and based out of Ottawa, Mostly Danish provides a unique experience for its clientele. What began many years ago as a small operation of buying and selling unique Danish furniture at local auctions, has today become the largest warehouse of original Scandinavian and mid-century modern furniture in North America.

We specialize in sourcing and refinishing original mid-century modern, Scandinavian and unique designer furniture from around world. We take great pride in having North America’s largest warehouse of antique furniture, and consistently offer our customers a continuously updated collection. We’re proud to showcase our beautiful designs in a boutique storefront located at 1000 Wellington St. W, in the heart of Ottawa’s arts district of Hintonburg.

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