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Canada’s largest mid-century modern furniture inventory

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Why Choose Mostly Danish?

  • At Mostly Danish, almost every piece of furniture is unique and has a story.
  • We handpicked designs primarily from Scandinavia from sources that are recognized around the world for their simplicity, elegance and airy forms.
  • These original design samples were created by Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl, Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Niels Møller,& Grete Jalk.
  • We are the largest North American dealers of Mid Century Modern Furniture

Quality White Glove Shipping Right To Your Door!

  • Mostly Danish not only serves the Ottawa region with its two store locations, they also ship across North America.
  • Mostly Danish currently has convenient shipping to Toronto and Montreal, as well as from New York to California.
  • If you happen to live outside of Ottawa we will happily arrange shipping.
  • Contact our helpful staff today to make the convenient shipping arragements for your Scandianvian furniture.
Ottawa Furniture Repair Restoration

Ottawa Furniture Repair and Restoration.

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Featured Blog

Danish Furniture

What is Danish Furniture?

NOVEMBER 18 2019

Danish modern is a style of minimalist houseware and furniture, related to the Danish design movement.

It is often associated with the term "Mid Century Modern.

"Danish & Mid-Century pieces are still coveted today, more than a half century past the heyday.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Many Scandinavian and Danish pieces are made from teak, a durable wood that can be used inside or outside. The beautiful natural texture of teak allows for the pieces to be suitable for a variety of spaces. This wood is naturally resistant to stains and water damage, making it a great choice for outdoor furniture and a great investment for your home. Teak is also extremely dense with a high concentration of natural oils that allow it to last for years to come.

With the resurgence in popularity of mid-century style furniture, you may find it difficult to identify an authenticate vintage piece of mid-century Danish furniture or décor.

There are a few key things to look for:

1. Stamps or Markings: Designer pieces from this era will almost always have a stamp or marking to note the designer of the piece. If you have found a piece that you think is authentic, but cannot find a stamp or marking, feel free to contact our experts who can help you authenticate it.

2. Designer: There are many well-known Danish designers that have come from this era of design. We would recommend that you take the time to do a little research about popular designers to familiarize yourself with them and their design styles to help you identify their pieces.

3. Craftsmanship: Mid-century pieces are known for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Pieces that are inauthentic will likely use screws, nails or glue which may be visible in the piece.

4. Materials: A good sign that your piece is authentic is if it is made out of solid wood. Many mid-century pieces are also created out of teak for its style and durability.

For professional authentication contact Mostly Danish today.

Mid-Century Modern on the other hand refers to a popular design style originating in Scandinavian countries that was later adapted in the mid 1940’s to late 1960’s in the United States. The mid-century movement was led by top Scandinavian designers including; Arne Jacobson, Hans J. Wegner and Grete Jalk to name a few.

If you are interested in viewing our mid-century furniture pieces visit the furniture section on our website or our Ottawa location.

At Mostly Danish in Ottawa we buy and sell authentic mid-century Danish and Scandinavian furniture. We carefully curate authentic pieces from well-known designers including; Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, Kai Kristiansen, Grete Jalk, and more. All of our pieces are professionally authenticated by experts to guarantee that your piece is authenticate.

View our full collection of mid-century furniture at our Ottawa location or call us to speak with our team at (613)291-2204.

Our experts can help with full repairs to any damaged mid-century furniture pieces. We also refinish and reupholster pieces that have been worn over time. We can help you to bring the life back to your piece so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Contact our experts to properly assess and begin the restoration process for your piece today.

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