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Need your furniture repaired or refinished?

Once you have submitted this form, please send photos that clearly highlight the parts of your furniture that require repair to mostlydanishfurniture1@gmail.com or alternatively, feel free to call us at 613-761-6264. Our experts will reply within 24 hours.

Exceptional Quality and Service

We at Mostly Danish are dedicated to giving our customers outstanding quality and service. Your dining area will stand out thanks to the large selection of distinctive furniture designs we have to offer. Our furniture options span a range of designs and preferences, from mid-century modern to Scandinavian-inspired items. Our furniture is constructed to last a lifetime using only the best materials.

Our team is available to assist if you need ideas for your dining area. To get you started, we can provide you with a variety of creative dining room ideas. We have the concepts and know-how to turn your vision for a private, personal place into a big dining room for entertaining.

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“I was going to throw out my old couch, but thanks to Mostly Danish , it feels brand new again! They were very friendly and professional.”
Jane Bennett - Ottawa

Value Restoration

In bringing a piece to its truest, most beautiful possible expression, antique furniture restoration serves as an investment; the craftsman’s hand not only preserves, but enhances value. The piece gets carefully ferried through time in the highest possible fidelity; its condition increasingly betrays its age. In a sense, the material is rendered as timeless as the design, aesthetically enduring into greater and greater rarity and privilege to witness.

We nurture antique furniture to its fullest potential, maximizing worth as heirloom treasure, market item, or simple appreciation in everyday life.

Don’t be discouraged by a rip in an antique couch or chair cushion, a scratch on a table, or a faded finish on a cabinet; we can be trusted to maximally restore both appearance and functionality.